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    Ryo's husband is a clean and very serious person. A year ago, when I went for a fertility test, the results showed that my husband's sperm had problems. Since then, her husband rarely made love to her, and not anymore for half a year now. Recently Ryo also discovered that her husband was having an affair. Today the air conditioner suddenly stopped working, so she immediately called someone to fix it. Before the repair was finished, Ryo's husband immediately left the house even though he was on his day off. Knowing that her husband was having an affair, the weather was hot, and the urges kept coming. Ryo had to go to another room to masturbate, unfortunately the air conditioner repairman saw him. She immediately stopped him from leaving and actively invited him. Although he feels guilty, he cannot resist Ryo's charm. After that time, even though he wanted to refuse, the air conditioner repairman had to surrender to Ryo's initiative. Even when her husband admitted his mistake and asked her for forgiveness, she still couldn't forget the air conditioner repairman and called him over at night to have sex with him while her husband was sleeping in the next room. .