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    My friends invited me to go up the mountain to have a BBQ together. I was extremely surprised to meet Takasho (Shoko Takahashi) here! She is an idol and I am a huge fan of hers. It seems that she also organized a BBQ with friends. When Shoko came to ask us for some curry sauce, I accidentally touched her finger. That alone was enough to make my heart pound and my legs tremble. Suddenly there was a heavy rain. Shoko wanted to go get a raincoat so she returned to the parking lot alone. The parking lot is very far from here, it is raining heavily so it is difficult to find the way. I was extremely worried so I chased after him. Luckily we found Shoko but we were both lost. Standing in the rain on a mountain like this is very dangerous. Suddenly we saw an abandoned house nearby, we both went inside to avoid the rain. Afraid that Shoko would be cold, I took off my shirt for her to put on, found a towel to absorb water for her, and comforted, encouraged, and reassured Shoko. It seemed like Shoko was still cold, so we sat close together to keep warm. It seemed like that wasn't enough so we both hugged each other, sharing each other's warmth. Being so close to Shoko, I couldn't help but want to kiss her. Seemingly touched by my kindness and care, Shoko also welcomed me. We immediately "blend" together, warming each other's bodies to overcome this storm. The next day, the sun started to shine, the rescue team found us, Shoko asked for my address and we parted ways from there. But a few tusks