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    Her husband is always busy with work, sometimes he doesn't come back until the morning, getting angry with her, making Momo feel extremely lonely. Because she wasn't careful, Momo dropped the cup and cut her finger. Her father-in-law quickly came and sucked her finger to stop the bleeding. The scent from Momo's body made her father-in-law's cock erect for the first time after many years of impotence. On their wedding anniversary, Momo prepared a sumptuous meal to wait for her husband to return, but waited until midnight and still couldn't find him. Seeing this, her father-in-law immediately went to comfort his daughter-in-law. Momo could not hold back the tears rolling down her cheeks. Food didn't last long, so Momo invited him to dine with her. Seeing her father-in-law eating the food she cooked deliciously, Momo also felt somewhat happier. She also drank a little more alcohol to ease the feeling of loneliness in her heart. When she woke up, she found herself in her father-in-law's room. Just as he was about to leave, he approached her, kissed, touched and licked all over her body. Even though she wanted to stop, her body didn't have any strength at all. And then, her father-in-law officially invaded Momo's body. Even though she didn't want to be licked all over like that, Momo's body couldn't resist. From then on, she let her father-in-law freely fuck her, even though her husband was still at home. She even agreed to let her father-in-law invite more close friends to have a "threesome" with her. Even so, Momo's husband still loves her very much. He treated her coldly because he was too pressured with work. After everything was settled, he wanted to take a leave of absence to take her on a trip. And today her husband tried to come home early, but as soon as he entered the house, he touched some kind of disgusting white fluid. Called Momo but didn't hear her answer. The more he went into the house, the more he heard Momo's extremely strange moans...
     Movie Code: IPZZ-046 
     Actor: Momo Sakura