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    With a beautiful face and hot body, female announcer Ishihara is always the center of attention in the company, especially with her hot colleagues. For a long time, he had the desire of a pervert in him, as evidenced by the times he hid hidden cameras in her dressing room, and even in the toilet when she went to the bathroom. Until one time, after going out to the company, he turned on the videos he recorded from his female colleague to satisfy his perverted nature. Unexpectedly, while watching, Ishihara suddenly appeared. She was still surprised and before she could do anything, he knocked her unconscious. Waking up in a warehouse in a very seductive position, at this time his colleague's desires also began to appear so he decided to commit rape to relieve himself in spite of everything. resistance in helplessness. After that time, she decided to keep silent because she wanted to maintain her honor and thought that he would not dare to do it again, but her thoughts were completely wrong. Her silence was the great motivation for him to continue doing this wretched job of his.
     Movie Code: RBD-725 
     Actor: Rina Ishihara 
     Category: Jav Rape Sex Movie XNXX