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    Hoshimiya is assigned as Nishimura's new homeroom teacher. The first time they met, he was fascinated by her beauty and long legs. The image of the teacher kept appearing in his mind. Hoshimiya also paid special attention to this shy, quiet, isolated student of his. Seeing that he often read books, she came to start a conversation by asking Nishimura to introduce some books to her. One time, he happened to see the teacher entering the locker room, and Nishimura suddenly peeked inside. Unfortunately for him, Hoshimiya found out everything. So embarrassed, Nishimura missed school for three days. Because he was worried about the student, Hoshimiya personally went to his house to ask about him. While talking, Hoshimiya accidentally revealed her pretty little panties in front of Nishimura, her legs continuously swaying as if inviting him. Unable to resist the teacher's charm, Nishimura immediately pushed her down and fucked her right in his room even if Hoshimiya stopped her. After everything was over, he regained his composure and felt extremely sorry for her. But Nishimura did not expect that Hoshimiya himself also had feelings for him. And the positions of both have now changed, it is the beautiful teacher who "attacks" him! From then on, the teacher continuously seduced and invited Nishimura to have sex, even when she was at school. Knowing things might go too far, Nishimura actively stopped her from continuing. But when he witnessed the teacher constantly getting close to another guy, even though he knew she was just trying to make him jealous, Nishimura still felt uncomfortable inside. He gradually determined his feelings for her, and so did she. Then they both got back together, and continued to maintain this wrong relationship...