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    It all started when Miyuki's mother-in-law passed away, her father-in-law became mentally depressed, so her husband took him in to live with her. Even so, he continued to skip meals and was always bored sitting in his room. This time her husband had to go away on business, leaving only Miyuki and her father-in-law at home. Wanting to encourage her father, Miyuki said she would do anything he asked. At night, when passing by his daughter-in-law's room, his father-in-law accidentally caught Miyuki masturbating. Unable to resist her beauty, he immediately went in and asked her to fuck her for just ten seconds. Her father-in-law was extremely good at keeping his word. He only fucked her for exactly ten seconds and then pulled out his cock, leaving Miyuki feeling extremely uncomfortable with her arousal. From that time, my father-in-law became happier, he also began to eat all his rice and was full of life. His sexual desire also recovered. He wanted to fuck Miyuki. At first she refused, but the pleasure he brought was completely different from her husband's. This was the first time she felt how wonderful sex could be. And since then, she has also become more proactive, wanting to be fucked by her father-in-law more, wanting him to satisfy her long-standing sexual desires!