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    Four years after getting married, Jun and her husband had a very happy life, their work was also favorable so they both saved a small amount of money. Seeing that everything is stable now, the couple decided to borrow money to buy a house with a term of 35 years. But soon after, because of the economic recession, the company restructured, so Jun's husband was in the group that could be fired, and his salary also decreased. Because she wanted to share the financial burden with her husband, Jun decided to go to work. Her husband asked his close business partner, director Ozawa, to arrange work for her. From the moment he saw Jun, Ozawa was attracted to her beauty. He began planning to capture her. When the whole company left, he secretly edited Jun's previously sent documents, making her mistakenly think she sent the wrong documents to her partner, causing a loss of three million yen to the company. Ozawa pretended to help her, he would arrange for her mistake not to be revealed. Because she owed Ozawa this time, when he asked her to wear sexy stockings and receive his partner, she couldn't refuse. And of course Ozawa won't stop here, he wants to fuck her, take over this seductive body. He threatened to terminate her husband's contract with the company, causing him to be fired, and he would also report her mistakes to the company. Having no other choice, Jun had to close his eyes and give himself to him. And from then on, she and Ozawa often fucked each other every chance they got. Jun's husband was busy with work so he didn't have time for her. Ozawa can also bring her feelings of pleasure that she has never experienced before. She gradually sank deeper into sexual pleasure and actively devoted her entire body...
     Movie Code: JUQ-155 
     Actor: Jun Suehiro