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    After drinking all night, the colleague took his friend home. He was so drunk he didn't know the way home. When he arrived, the guy's eyes widened in surprise when his wife was only wearing a thin towel, and her beautiful face made her extremely attractive and stimulating to anyone who looked at her. The young man's blood rushed to his brain when he realized that his girl wasn't wearing any underwear. Maybe she had just finished showering so she wasn't busy yet. His cock was hard, the boy vowed to fuck her at all costs. And of course, late at night, the husband was drunk and didn't know anything, the wife was dressed in sexy and lewd clothes (when she saw her husband's co-worker's "little guy" was erect, her face seemed to be hungry. ); Social sex between the wife and her husband's colleague is bound to happen.
     Movie Code: SW-269 
     Actor: Mao Hamasaki 
     Category: Jav Adultery Sex Movie