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    Arina-senpai and I were in the literature club together, and I was captivated by her beauty from that moment on. But the club's members are gradually decreasing, until now only Arina-senpai and I are left. Next year, when Arina-senpai graduates, the club will probably be dissolved. On this spring break, the national "Spring Literature and Art" contest is held. Miraculously, we both made it to the final round! When we arrived, the consultant informed us that there was a family matter that prevented us from coming, and told us to go to the hotel to check in ourselves. Due to a mistake, the two of us were assigned to the same room. Being in the same room with the person I secretly love makes my body excited. While Arina-senpai was taking a bath, I secretly peeked, smelled the scent of her underwear, and masturbated like a pervert. Not only that, when I went to sleep, the loose robe made Arina-senpai's skin completely exposed to me! But I still don't dare to do anything, because I'm just a useless virgin. Finally, the results of the contest were out, I was honored to receive the excellent award and Arina-senpai only received the honorary award. She seemed dissatisfied with this result but also acknowledged my talent. "If you want to be a writer, look at reality rather than fantasy." And then I was allowed to squeeze her breasts by the person I secretly loved, discovering her most "mysterious" place! Experiencing feelings of joy that I have never known before!
     Movie Code: SSNI-546 
     Actor: Arina Hashimoto 
     Category: Jav Vietsub Sex Movie