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    Minamo is an extremely sociable person, close to other colleagues in the company. Yuzuru always puts up a barrier between himself and others. Today the company held a party, seeing Yuzuru standing alone drinking, Minamo immediately approached and started a conversation with him. Both felt the party was quite boring so they left together first. But because it was late and they missed the last train, Minamo immediately suggested that they both spend the night at a hotel. "What did you do when you entered the hotel?". Minamo actively "invited" Yuzuru. It turns out that Yuzuru always seemed disinterested in Minamo, which made her feel curious. She came to him simply for sex, with no other intentions. Yuzuru was like that at first, he didn't want to get involved in relationships with others. But when he gets close to Minamo, he becomes even more attracted to her. When he realized he was in love with her, he learned that Minamo had many other "fuck friends". Yuzuru felt jealous, jealousy made him lose his reason. When Minamo came to Yuzuru's house as usual, he forcefully pushed her down and fucked her, but this time he didn't wear a condom and ejaculated deep into her womb! Right after that time, Minamo stopped working and no longer appeared before everyone's eyes. Yuzuru still remembers her, the only girl he loves...