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    The lecherous old boss "tormented" an employee who had just come for probation. Poor women whose beauty is always watched and coveted by many men. They always live in insecurity, afraid of being raped when they go out. However, in this case, the girl was wrong because although she was flirted with by her boss, instead of telling her husband right away, she chose to stay silent and carry out adulterous "missions" with her boss. When she comes home, she always fulfills her responsibilities as a wife, always taking care of her husband every little bit, but when she goes to work at the company, this woman is also very "damn dang" taking care of him. eager old boss. It's pitiful for a husband to marry a worthless wife.
     Movie Code: ADN-047 
     Actor: Asami Ogawa 
     Category: Jav Adultery Sex Movie XVIDEOS