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    Rikka's mother is about to remarry, and her new father is an extremely kind and mature person. Seeing her mother so happy also made Rikka feel happy for her. But when she witnessed her stepfather's skillful ability to move her hips, Rikka's thirst for love arose again. Although she felt very sorry for her mother, she couldn't stop herself. She used the excuse of being bitten by a mosquito to ask her stepfather to apply medicine for her, and the bitten area was right in the middle of her buttocks, so she had to open her underwear to see it. However, her stepfather remained conscious and quickly left. It can be tolerated once, but what about twice? Rikka often wears short skirts that reveal her plump butt with cute little T-back panties. She intentionally spilled the tea to crawl under the table, intentionally letting her stepfather take a closer look at her provocatively swaying buttocks. And Rikka won! That night, because he couldn't stand it anymore, his stepfather went into Rikka's room. Of course, Rikka was also waiting for her stepfather. Even though she knew this was wrong, Rikka's sexual desire overcame her feeling of guilt towards her mother. Whenever her mother was away, the two would rush into each other frantically, enjoying the pleasure that sex brought...