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    Having the opportunity to have summer vacation, international student Sakurai decided to book a plane ticket to her hometown to visit her family. The first person Sakurai saw when he opened the door was his younger brother Taka. He probably thought he was grown up, so when his older sister patted Taka's head, he pulled his hand away and looked annoyed. Abroad, Sakurai is quite promiscuous, so she knows a lot of Western guys. When she comes home, no one fucks her anymore, so she often gets itchy "there", and the older sister firmly believes that Taka is the only man in the house who can do it. give yourself satisfaction. Sakurai sees her younger brother as a sexual tool, the girl constantly finds ways to make Taka want to fuck her. Even though she knew that they were biological sisters, it was against morality, but Taka actually couldn't resist the attraction of her beautiful sister's body...
     Movie Code: PGD-854 
     Actor: Ayu Sakurai 
     Category: Jav Incest Sex Movie