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    First time falling in love but that person is your best friend's boyfriend! Rena, Rio, Daichi and Hajime are four close friends. Rio and Hajime are currently a couple, while Daichi and Rena are still single. However, the four people's relationship is extremely complicated. Hajime loves his girlfriend Rio, but Rio loves Daichi, Daichi loves Rena, and Rena secretly loves Hajime. This relationship continued until one day... This time all four decided to go camping. Here, Rio mustered up the courage to confess to Daichi but he refused. This was also discovered by Rena and Hajime. Rena also decided to courageously face her feelings. She told Hajime the truth that she loved him. But like Daichi, Hajime still loves Rio so he refuses. But because of what happened this afternoon, Hajime was not in a good mood. That night, while taking a shower, Rena came. She wanted to help him ease his sadness by sucking his cock. A few days later, Rio attended a camp with his class, and Daichi also attended. While disappointed, he met Rena again. This time he no longer refused her, and the two lived happily together for a short time. However, he still rejected her feelings. It wasn't until Rena accepted Daichi's confession that Hajime realized he also had feelings for her, how much he liked her. We drove to where Rena and Daichi were camping and found him waiting outside. It turns out that Daichi also discovered that Rena did not have feelings for him. He voluntarily gave up, so she could be with the person she loved. Rio also told Hajime the truth about his feelings for Daichi. And then, people who truly love each other come together, a happy ending for those who dare to stand up for their love...