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    The movie is about a secret love affair between a black man who is invited to Japan by a colleague working in the same company abroad for a few days with his wife, Eri Hosaka. After accidentally seeing a black man's huge penis when she went into his room to wake him up for breakfast, she seemed to be obsessed with it. She constantly thought with burning desires in her body that she hoped to be able to have sex with this super huge cock. Even when she went to bed, she was so horny that she had to masturbate first before having sex. can sleep well. The next morning, when her excitement reached its peak, she threw away all her shame and waited for her husband to go out and then went directly to the room to solicit him to have sex with her. Seeing that she looked like she was in over her head, he insisted on trying a new feeling, so he agreed and the two began to secretly flirt with each other. Although she constantly struggled and was in pain during lovemaking, it was definitely pain in pleasure and satisfaction, as evidenced by the fact that she continued to want to secretly have sex with him while her husband slept, even She was interested when the black man called his friend of the same nationality to help her pretend to quench her sexual thirst.
     Movie Code: GVG-130 
     Actor: Eri Hosaka 
     Category: Jav Adultery Sex Movie XNXX