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    Because the washing machine was broken, Ichika had to temporarily bring her clothes to be washed at the laundromat. Here she meets Suzuki again, who helped Ichika when she fell. But Ichika did not expect that Suzuki was a pervert, specializing in stealing underwear from people who came here to do laundry. And when Ichika fell asleep, he immediately took the opportunity to touch her body. When he knew Ichika was awake, he turned his cards face up and invaded her body. He also took pictures to threaten Ichika, preventing her from telling her husband. Because it had been a long time since husband and wife had made love, Ichika's body had always felt a craving for sex. In the following days, Suzuki continuously waited for Ichika to come to the shop and continued to fuck her. Even though her body felt extremely happy, Ichika still thought that this was because she was forced, she did not want this to happen. But when she had sex with her husband, the feeling of inadequacy and unsatisfaction made her understand, she herself voluntarily let Suzuki fuck her without being forced at all. Having untied the knot in her heart, Ichika became more proactive and enthusiastic, every day looking forward to the time to put the laundry in to see Suzuki again.