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    Because her husband transferred work, Julia and her husband moved to a rural area. There is nothing here, far from the city. Just bored at home all day, the weather is hot, making Julia's sexual desire increase. That night, while making love with her husband, she discovered someone peeping. Being discovered, the young man quickly left. The next morning, he brought vegetables to give to her. It turns out that this is the son of the neighbor's uncle, the people here are all very kind, often help each other, the door is never locked so he doesn't have the habit of knocking on the door like the city, that's why he witnessed the scene yesterday. Because she was so bored, Julia decided to seduce this young man. Her big breasts, without a bra, were completely exposed by sweat to the young man's eyes. Unable to control himself, he immediately rushed forward, "devoting" all his sperm to Julia. And their secret relationship began from there. As long as her husband was not around, Julia immediately seduced and fucked him, turning this young man into her only source of joy in the boring countryside. This...