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    There was only one man in an entire work area, the rest were women. Moreover, these ladies were very lewd. Seeing that their colleague's "goods" were so huge, they couldn't stand it and actively "attacked" them. ". The guy in the movie must have some rare disease that causes his penis to stay hard 24/7, which makes the female colleagues in the company who look in cannot help but want to fuck him. Male employees have to "work" all day, in the morning "serve" the female manager, in the afternoon "socialize" with the secretary, and at night "socialize" with another girl before going home. Does anyone want to be like the male lead in the movie??? Probably there will be, but it doesn't exist in real life, only in movies.
     Movie Code: HUNT-814 
     Actor: Risa Arisawa 
     Category: Jav Adultery Sex Movie XVIDEOS