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    Haruna's husband is much older than her, but he always treats her gently. Because they are busy with work, the two have not traveled together for a long time. On the occasion of her husband's vacation, they both took a trip to a hot spring. The two stopped at a cheap motel, but the inside was quite clean and tidy, and the scenery was also very beautiful. The only thing that's a bit inconvenient is... all the rooms are connected to each other! From this room it was easy to go to the other room, and when Haruna pushed the door open, before her eyes was a giant cock! It turned out there was someone in the next room, a black American guy, going to Japan for work. He seemed like a pretty nice guy. His cock made Haruna dizzy, images of it constantly appearing in her mind. But her husband had an emergency and had to return to Tokyo. She planned to return with her husband, but he advised her to stay, because it had been a long time since she had been able to travel. So Haruna was the only one left, spending the night with the black guy in the next room. At night, when he went to take a shower, Haruna felt both lonely and horny because of the image of the giant cock she saw today. Thinking no one was here, Haruna masturbated to satisfy her desire. But she did not expect that he would suddenly return and witness everything. The next day, while soaking in the bathtub, he suddenly came naked and took a bath with her. For some reason, her mind did not object to this. He invited her to drink and talk to her to ease the loneliness in his heart. Because whatever will happen will happen, this is the first time Haruna has enjoyed such a huge cock. Even though she felt very sorry for her husband, she couldn't stop herself!